Saturday Project: Beach Umbrella Blanket

Walking through Sam’s Club with my kids, we can never resist heading down the beach/outdoor aisle. Living near the beach has us thinking about beaching all the time! On a trip last week with Middle Child, we came across a blanket that was perfect for the beach. It had a hole in it to put a beach umbrella (a must for me because I have Lupus). It was just made from beach towel material. I was interested and actually considering a purchase when Middle Child spoke up with, “Mom, I bet you could make that!” Challenge extended. We proceeded to discuss how to sew several towels together into a large beach blanket, leaving a space for the umbrella pole (much to the delight of the 2 older ladies in the aisle who stopped to listen and giggle at Middle Child’s sewing ideas).

So this week I took on the challenge from Middle Child and it turned into an easy project that I can’t wait to use this weekend at the beach. Here are the basics:

2 -4 beach towels (depending on how large you want the blanket to be) – We used 3 bath sheets because that is what we had a lot of extra of around our house.

Sew beach towels together leaving a 6 inch gap in a seam – this is where you will insert the umbrella through the blanket. After much thought, we decided to leave the hole in ours toward one corner so that kids could be on the blanket in the sun and I could still have the option of putting a beach chair under the shade.

Add corner or side pockets by cutting corners off another beach towel and sewing them onto the blanket as pockets. You could also re-use pockets from worn out jeans.

Another twist is to line the back with a water-resistant fabric – just remember to cut a hole for the umbrella.

I hope to add pictures of us using it with an umbrella at the beach this weekend. The NC coast has seen too many rainy days lately!


UPDATE: Check out the picture of the blanket in action at the top! The family loved it so much I made a second one, without the hole for an umbrella, when we returned home from the beach on Saturday. Using bath sheet (large bath towels) made for a soft, comfy space to hang out on the beach!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Project: Beach Umbrella Blanket

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