Saturday Project: Magnetic Kitchen Towel

We never have a good place to hang a dishtowel in the kitchen. It almost makes me miss the great towels of the 1970’s that were made with a strap that could go around the fridge handle and button to keep it handy. As I got to thinking about that I saw an ad for a dishtowel with a magnet in it…for $35! I could make that! And so can you. Here are the easy steps:

  1. Select a dishtowel
  2. Buy small round magnets at the craft or hardware store (they are often cheaper at the hardware store). These need to heavy enough to hold your towel up. (I took my towel to the hardware store and tried them out on a display fridge.)
  3. Wash towels
  4. In the corner of one towel place the magnet. Be sure that there is enough fabric so that you can fold it over and sew a pouch to hold the magnet.
  5. Sew the magnet closed in the folded-over corner.

It is that simple. Now we can “attach” the towels to the oven or fridge doors, keeping them handy. Why didn’t I think of this before?!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Project: Magnetic Kitchen Towel

    • I agree! I figured that for $35 I could buy new towels and magnets to make at least 17 magnet towels! And by using towels I already had I the only cost was the little bit for the magnets 🙂

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