Teacher Appreciation Gifts

It is that time of year again…time for teacher appreciation gifts. As the wife of a teacher, I can tell you that, yes, these really are important and treasured by teachers. When our kids were in school, we made sure to learn something about their teachers so that we could give a gift the teacher would actually enjoy and use. This year, how about going beyond the traditional classroom supplies or gift card and consider some easy, creative alternatives. Here are some great ideas:

  • Grill basket – fill a basket (who can’t use more of those!) with things like grill tongs, brush, spatula, seasonings, steak sauce, your homemade BBQ sauce or rub, and if it is a class gift maybe a gift certificate to Omaha Steaks. For a great addition, put this in a picnic basket or small cooker instead of a basket.
  • Fun in the Sun basket – fill a beach bag or picnic basket with a really soft beach towel, good quality sun screen, a cap or floppy hat (depending of it you are giving to a man or woman), and a reusable cup or water bottle. Include a good book or gift card to Amazon.com. If you know the teacher well, you can add in a pair of inexpensive flip-flops or some sunglasses.
  • Kitchen Items – Use an oven mitt and fill it with gourmet kitchen items for the teacher who also loves to cook.
  • Stationery – All teachers have to send thank you notes and various notes home, even in the days of email. Why not give them customized note cards? You can print them with a picture of the teacher and your child’s class or with something the teacher loves. We had a teacher who loved lighthouses. On a trip to Lake Erie, we took photographs of a lighthouse and turned that into notecards. The teacher cried when she opened them with our child’s note telling her how we took the pictures. You can print great ones at Shutterfly.com and various other photo and stationery sites.

Do you have a great teacher gift idea? Share it in the comments or Submit Your Tip!

3 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Gifts

  1. We do a garden theme – gloves, seeds, perennials, kneeling pad, Miracle Grow, local nursery gift card, etc.

  2. Great ideas for teacher gifts! As a former teacher (and the wife of a teacher) I can honestly say those would all be very much appreciated! So much more thoughtful than just a gift card by itself. Thanks for sharing.

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