Re-Use Idea: Pill Bottles

As we finish a prescription medicine I generally throw away the bottles. But as I go through this new habit of reusing and repurposing, I got to thinking about how these handy little bottles could be helpful to me in other areas. Here is a list of my favorite ways to re-use pill bottles.

TIP: Soak in warm, soapy water to remove all the labels.

  1. Antacids – Put a few antacids in a pill bottle for travel or in your purse. This allows you to buy in bulk.
  2. Breath Mints – much like #1 – buy them in larger portions and keep them in your purse in a pill bottle.
  3. Bobby Pins & Hair Bands – I keep a few of each in a pill bottle in my purse, the car, the beach bag, backpacks (can you tell we have girls?!)
  4. Craft and Office Supplies – use these to store beads, paper clips, staples, poms, and whatever other small craft or office supply you can think of!
  5. Bathroom – Use these to store cotton balls, cotton swabs, and other bathroom items that you buy in bulk in smaller amounts in your vanity.
  6. Bandages – Keep a few bandages in your purse or car in a pill bottle.
  7. Small Toys – Use these bottles to store Polly Pocket clothes & accessories, Barbie shoes, small Lego pieces that are specific to one set, etc. Just be sure to label the bottles so you know what each thing goes with!
  8. Game Pieces – We use pill bottles to store dice and other small game pieces to keep them from getting lost, when boxes break, or when we want to take the games with us when we go someplace.
  9. Matches – This makes great storage so matches don’t get wet and – bonus – most kids are already trained to stay away from pill bottles.
  10. Othodontic Bands – These bottles make great storage for rubber bands for those who wear braces.
  11. Pain Relief Medicines – Put ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and other over the counter medicines in a pill bottle to keep in your purse, car, or first aid kit. Be sure to label the bottles with the medicine and the strength.
  12. Workshop – Use these handy bottles to store screws, nails, nuts, picture hooks and all the little things you keep around your tools and workshop.
  13. Spices – Put smaller amounts of spices into these bottles when you buy in bulk. This will keep your pantry or spice cabinet organized. Be sure to label carefully!

How do you re-use pill bottles? Share your ideas in Submit Your Tip!

3 thoughts on “Re-Use Idea: Pill Bottles

  1. I use an empty pill bottle for when I do a blood sugar test to discard the used stick pin. You can drill a hole in the cap and use until full, then throw away in garbage and no one get’s stuck!

  2. They make excellent mini sewing kits for purse or a rescue fishing kit (a long length of fishing line wrapped around a small strip of index card, a couple of hooks and a few weights. You can always find a stick for a pole or fish by hand.

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