Saturday Project: Curtain Embelishments

We have had a lot of “stock” curtains in our homes over the years. They can be picked up at Target or Wal-Mart for a reasonable price and often you can get tabs or grommets that look cool. But I always want to have things that look different from other people. A great way to personalize your decor is to take stock curtains and add embellishments. Here are some ideas:

Buttons – Sew buttons on tabs, edges, or in a pattern on curtains

Ribbon trim – Using iron-on fusing, attach ribbon to the edges or bottom of a curtain

Color or pattern band at the bottom – Sew a fabric band to the bottom of curtains

Color or pattern band at the middle (where curtain panels meet) – Sew a fabric “stripe” where curtains meet

Paint – using fabric paint, add stripes or a pattern to solid curtains.

One thought on “Saturday Project: Curtain Embelishments

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