About Me…or How I Became a SAHM #15

Just about the time I was really feeling settled in Taipei, change was on the horizon. I had a volunteer position at our church that suited my skills (media director). I had friends and a Bible study. I knew where to get things we needed at reasonable prices. I was pretty happy

But Husband’s work situation was getting really stressful. The fact that he was being required to teach classes that weren’t in his contract meant that he was bringing home large amounts of papers to be graded every night. In Taiwan they over-grade everything! He was required to have 5-10 graded items per day for some of the classes. So we spent nights grading workbooks, homework, tests (sometimes 3 a week for each class period), penmanship, science notebooks, and all kinds of things that neither of us had ever heard of taking a grade on.

Since accepting the position in Taipei, we turned down several offers from schools within the Department of Defense EducationActivity (schools on military bases in the US and around the world). We kept saying that we were under contract and would see it through. But as things at Husband’s school got increasingly more stressful, we got an email from a school at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, just 15 minutes from one of our favorite vacation spots. After exchanging several emails with the principal, Husband went forward with the interview, all the while saying he was under contract for the current year. At the same time he continued to try to address the situation at the Taipei school though the proper channels, with no luck.

After a very short interview process, he was offered a position to start as soon as possible. We prayed. None of us really wanted to leave Taiwan but his work situation there was far from what was promised. About the same time we started this interview process we saw our main ministry opportunities come to and end. Was God really sending us to North Carolina? We pray more and brought in trusted family and friends to pray with us. After assessing the situation from all angles we believe that God was sending us to North Carolina and Husband accepted the job at Camp Lejeune. He resigned his position in Taipei, which ended badly with threats to hold us in the country if we didn’t pay them a 2 month salary fee for leaving, even though they broke the contract. We hated leaving Taiwan and he hated leaving his students but we had complete peace about the situation and knew this was the right move for us.

So for the second time in 15 months (and just 4 months after our move to Taipei) we began the process of selling everything we owned and packing our lives into 10 suitcases without any clue as to where we would live. If anyone wants to know how to pack and move quickly, talk to me. We did a two-week move to Taiwan and ten days after Husband accepted the position in the US and resigned from the Taipei school, we flew out of Taiwan. Life was officially crazy!                                                                                                                                                                One of our last pictures in Taiwan…tea

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