Week of 4/16 Dinner Menu

Here is the grocery list for this week’s menus: 4/16 Grocery list

Dinner Menu:
M: Risotto – to save money, take spaghetti and break it into small pieces. Toast pasta with 2 tbs. butter. At the same time, heat 6 cups of chicken stock on low. Add 1 cup stock to pasta. Once liquid is gone, add another cup. Do this until all stock is gone and pasta is soft. Add sauteed mushrooms, 1-2 sauteed or grilled chicken breasts, and 3 cups Parmesan cheese. Serve with broccoli.
T: Shepherd’s Pie – make meatloaf. Cover with corn, mashed potatoes, and cheese and bake.
W: Hamburgers, veggie sticks
Th: Pinwheels – in a fajita shell – spread with a creamy Italian dressing and fill with turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce,. Wrap and slice into 1″ wheels.
F: Stir Fry – saute chicken, snap peas, mushrooms, broccoli, and carrots. Cover with 1-2 cans golden mushroom soup. Serve over rice
S: Pizza – sub whole wheat flour
S: Tacos

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