Re-Use Idea: Picture Frames

We have an abundance of picture frames after 2 moves in 18 months. Rather than just keeping them in bins, I have been looking for creative ways to reuse them. Here are some of my favorites:

#1. Responsibility chart – Use this Responsibility Chart template and fill in with age-appropriate chores for each child. Frame it and hang in a central area. You can use a dry-erase marker to check things off and record earnings each week.

#2. Handwriting practice – purchase or make handwriting traceables and put them in a picture frame. Now you can reuse the sheets for more practice and fun.

#3. Math practice – do the same as you did with handwriting for math practice.

#4. Serving tray – Larger picture frames make cool serving trays for parties. Frame paper that matches your party theme to add to the decoration!

#5. Jewelry Organizer – check out the Saturday Project  on jewelry organization for ways to do this.

#6. Chalk or Magnet board – Paint the glass with chalkboard or magnetic paint (or both) to create a great new board for things like to-do or grocery lists, or for menus.

#7. Family Calendar – check out the post on creating a Family Calendar  and print and frame your blank calendar then write on the glass with dry erase markers to keep you family organized

Do you have a great tip for reusing picture frames? Share your ideas in the comments!

One thought on “Re-Use Idea: Picture Frames

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