Babysitter Checklist

If you are anything like us, the idea of leaving your kids with a babysitter can be a bit frightening. We want (need – must have!) time alone as a couple, but finding a babysitter you trust can be difficult, especially when you have moved recently (such as we have). However, when the time comes to leave the kiddos alone with a sitter, one of the best things you can do to calm your nerves and help the time go smoothly is to provide detailed information to the babysitter. We use this Babysitter Information form.

When giving information for a babysitter, you need to offer details but not overwhelm them. Keep the information limited to things that pertain to the time you will be out of the house. If you are gone for dinner and bedtime, don’t include instructions or schedules for lunch and nap times. Some of the most important information to include is what to feed the kids, when bed times are, where needed items can be found around your house, and contact information in case of a question or emergency.

When our children were little (infants) we kept a daily schedule posted in the house so that at any given time grandparents (or Dad) could check it and know approximately what the child needed. This can be very helpful for babysitters also. Additionally we posted our address, cell phone numbers, a neighbor, and family in the area, as well as a general list of where to find things like diapers or baby monitors, plus a list of any allergies in the house at all times too. This kept us from having to reprint that information that didn’t change. If you choose to keep these ongoing lists, a good idea is to hang them on the fridge or pantry door. You can get creative and put them in frames to match your decor. If you don’t want the information out in your kitchen, a good idea is to tape it to the inside of a kitchen cabinet.

Having time alone with your spouse is extremely important to growing and maintaining a healthy marriage. Having a checklist for the babysitter makes date night an easier and less worrisome event.

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