Re-Use Idea: Creamer Bottles

So I totally love coffee creamer bottles! Okay, actually I love the lids and pour spouts! If you are making your coffee at home instead of buying it at Four-bucks (and you should because it is a lot less expensive!) then you likely have coffee creamer bottles that you are just throwing away. I have thrown dozens away in the last four months. And that got me thinking, since I love these so much, what else can I do with them?

TIP: Before you re-use them, clean thoroughly with warm soapy water and let dry. Remove the label.

#1. Coffee Creamer – Yes I know we are reusing coffee creamer bottles but you can make your own creamer at home and save money. Half-and-half is just that, half milk, half cream. You can add vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, almond or whatever flavor you currently are into and store your concoction in a reused creamer bottle. Just remember to label it!

#2. Laundry Soap – A huge trend right now is making your own laundry soap. If you do this (I do) you can store the soap in creamer bottles. I love this because of the easy pouring spout!

#3. Homemade dressings and sauces – Again because of the easy pour spout, creamer bottles make an excellent way to store your homemade dressings and sauces.

TIP: Paint the entire bottle or just a circle on it with chalkboard paint to make labeling the contents easier!

#4. Paints – You can buy tempera and other craft paints in bulk and keep smaller amounts in the creamer bottles to make things more manageable to pour. This is especially great for teachers!

#5. Water/Sports Bottle – The easy pour spout is also easy drinking. Use these as water or sports bottles for on-the-go hydration.

#6. Dry Goods – Remove labels and turn them into canisters. The clear ones are especially great for this because you can see what youhave. Store flour, sugar, pasta, beans – any dry good! TIP: If you use the white ones, place a rubber band around the outside to mark the level of the contents for an easy way to quickly glance and know if it is time to repurchase!

#7. Hand Soap Dispenser – You can buy a pump at local craft or hardware stores. Fill with your favorite bulk or homemade hand soap and you have a cool dispenser.

A container can be made to hold almost anything! You are only limited by your creativity!

How do you re-use coffee creamer bottles? Share your ideas in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Re-Use Idea: Creamer Bottles

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    • Every one I have ever had either popped off or unscrewed. I haven’t used them in a while because we don’t need that type of bottle right now and they are more expensive.

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