Other Uses For Dryer Sheets (New)

We use them to soften fabric and get rid of lint and static in the dryer but did you know that there are many more uses for dryer sheets? Here are just a few of my favorites for new dryer sheets:

#1 Repel bugs – Dryer sheets will keep mosquitos and bees away. Put them in kids (and your) pockets, in the stroller, or your picnic basket to keep these pests away during outdoor times.

#2. Dusting – Dryer sheets attract dust, making them great for dusting (maybe this is why the same company that makes Bounce also gave us Febreeze?). Cheaper than the fancy dusting systems you can buy, dryer sheets even pick up drywall dust and saw dust.

#3. Keep Things Fresh – For sheets and towels, especially of the guest variety, and any laundered item that you may not use right away, tuck a dryer sheet into it while folding to keep things smelling fresh. Just remember to take it our before giving the towel to your guests! You can also tuck them in drawers to keep everything smelling “just washed!” You can even place a dryer sheet in your vents to freshen the whole house. Tuck a dryer sheet into gym bags, shoes, litter boxes and anyplace else that has a tendency to get a not-so-fresh smell.

#4. Messy Pots & Pans – Soak pots and pans with stuck-on food in warm water with 1-2 dryer sheets. The mess will be easier to clean off than with water alone or dish detergents.

#5. Remove pet (and people) hair. Use a dryer sheet to wipe hair from floors and furniture or after Fido takes a trip in the car. The hair will be attracted to the dryer sheet and come up easier.

Coming up…Ways to re-use used (yes, I said used) dryer sheets!

Do you have a favorite alternate way to use new dryer sheets? Post your ideas in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Other Uses For Dryer Sheets (New)

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