5 Quick Ways to Get Your Family Organized

Is chaos running rampant in your house right now? Check out these 5 quick steps to get your family on the path toward organization.

#1. Family Meeting – Schedule regular weekly family meetings. This is where you will share calendar information, prayer requests, school projects, talk about upcoming meals, and in general go over the next week for your family.

#2. Family Calendar – Wether you choose an online calendar or a white board in the kitchen, set up a family calendar where everyone can see what is happening in the family. Consider Color Coding your family to add an extra level of organization to the house.

#3. Menu – Start using a menu for dinner (and breakfast and lunch if you get really ambitious!). This makes grocery shopping easier and eliminates the 5pm panic of  “what’s for dinner”.

#4. Budget – Make a spending plan and then stick to it. Record your spending to see if you are on track with your plan. Getting control of your finances will bring peace into your life faster than any other thing! (See the posts in the Finances category for more information on organizing your money.)

#5. Chores – Make a list of the chores that need to be done during the week and delegate! Assign kids chores that are age appropriate and get everyone pitching in. Here is a chore list to get your started. For lists of age-appropriate chore ideas, check out this Focus on the Family article. Add responsibility charts for the kids to keep them on task.

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