A Different Way to Organize Books

So we all know that a great way to organize books is alphabetically, and that is great for adults and older kids, but what about kids who don’t know how to alphabetize yet? Sorting books by color is a great way to make sure things get put away where they belong.

Personally, I love the design look of this so much I think I will take it from the kids’ things into our other bookshelves. But it is especially great for little ones who often learn their colors well before they can alphabetize.

Begin by going through your books and sorting them into rainbow piles. Start by putting all the reds (including pink, maroon, and burgundy colors) in a pile and do the same for the whole rainbow  – ROYGBP – we use purple instead of IV (indigo & violet). Then within each pile, further sort into more distinct color order. The reds should start with the purple-reds and progress to the orange reds. The greens go from the lightest green to the dark green-blues and so on.

Make sure that as you sort your color piles you are also purging books that you no long want, need, or that are damaged. Use donate and damaged piles. Anything that is in decent condition should be donated to a church, orphanage, local library, or school (as age appropriate). Anything that is damaged in a way that limits it readability (yes, that is a word) should be put in the damaged pile. But don’t throw that out yet! Another cool project is coming soon to use those books!

Place the books on your shelves with the reds in the upper left, stretching right and down through the rainbow to the purples for a total color wheel look. Or try “chunking” the books with reds in one spot and blues in another with other toys, photographs, or display items mixed in.

How do you organize books in your house? Post your ideas in the comments!

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