Make Your Own Disinfectant Wipes

So today I used my last Clorox disinfectant wipe from a bottle I purchased and carried with me from Taiwan. I was reluctant to throw away the bottle for two reasons…1. It cost me over $10 US for the bottle of 29 wipes and 2. I was so excited when I found these in a store in Taipei that I actually cried and I want to remember how excited that simple item made me.

So I decided to try making my own disinfectant wipes so that I can keep the bottle and hopefully save some money over the $3.99 per bottle cost here  in the US.

There are tons of recipes out on the internet for making your own wipes…baby wipes, sanitizing wipes, disinfectant wipes. I decided to take pieces I liked from several recipes and came up with this…

Take 1 roll of good quality paper towels and cut in half so that you now have 2 rolls of paper towels.

Remove the cardboard tube from one of the halves. (Save the tube! It is great for crafts and the kids love to use them as spy scopes!)

Select a cleaning agent of your choice. If you plan to use them in the kitchen make sure to use something safe for that room. (Ideas are Mr. Clean Antibacterial, Lysol, Pinesol – 1c. water to 1/2c. cleaning solution). You can also use a diluted bleach solution (2/12 c. water to 1/4 c. bleach).  If you want you can try a more natural approach and make your own cleaning solution, which is what I am doing (1 c. water, 1.4 c. white distilled vinegar, squirt of Castile soap, 3-4 drops tea tree oil).

Place the paper towels in air tight container (I am recycling my old Clorox wipes container). Pour your cleaning solution over the paper towels. Let stand overnight. As you use the wipes, they may dry out so add additional cleaning solution as needed.

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